Ostrich meat "Barão"
the delicate and healthy alternative for your table

As the ostrich meat considered as a secret tip to Gourments of all world for a long time, this red meat has become fixed part in many kitchens in the last years.

For the first time now PORTUGUES ostrich meat is available in larger quantity. The company " Baronigg - Criação de Avestruzes, Ldª. " from Alqueva/Alentejo offers meat exclusive from portugues production under the name "BARON". The ostriches are slaughtered in an European Community licensened slaughterhouse.

The ostriches are bred unter natural amd type-fais conditons in the south of Portugal. Already with the selection of the breeding animals special attention to the meat quality was put. Only meat of animals, which are bred under strict qualtity rules, carry the label "BARON".

Informations and orders:
Baronigg - Criação de Avestruzes, Ldª.
Alqueva 7220 Portel - Portugal
Tel.: +351/266 63 00 01 Fax:+351 266 63 00 02
e-mail: office@baronigg.com
URL: www.baronigg.com

ostrichmeat "BARON" is guaranteed

- fed 100 % hormone-free
- produces and slaughtered in Portugal
- fresh and anf from young, healthy animals
- of best and constant quality
- free of steroids and anabolics
- from ostriches fed without meat- and bone flour

Comparsion of the nutration values of different kinds of meat (for 100 gram of lean meat)

kind proteins
ostrich 25.9 2.35 114.0 68.2
chicken 31.8 3.53 164.7 85.8
turkey 29.4 3.53 158.8 69.4
cow 24.7 18.8 270.6 87.0
pig 28.2 22.3 323.5 98.8

The advantage of the red ostrich meat "BARON"
is the low label of energy, fat and cholesterin

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e-mail: meat@baronigg.com